Covid-19 response: please read this carefully before ordering

To ensure the safety of both you and our staff, please make sure you follow the guidelines set.

You should not enter the cafe under any circumstances unless you are told to do so to collect food on your given time slot. We only take orders from online ordering or by phone.

Placing your order
Food collection
Cancelled orders
Safety measures

Placing your order

There are 2 ways you can place a takeaway order:

  1. Order online (recommended)
  2. Calling our number

We're prioritising online orders at the moment as this ensures that your food delivery is prompt and has tracking. Pre-orders are accepted on the day to day basis by simply ordering online as usual and by picking your timeslot. For orders of a day or more in advance, contact us using our email at

After you have ordered you'll be given a time for when your order should arrive (for deliveries) or to pick up your food (for collections).


We now do deliveries within our local area, to see if you are within our radius simply click the order online button and go to the Information tab.

Zone 1 - £2 fee, minimum order £15

Zone 2 - £2 fee, minimum order £20

Whilst we strive to satisfy all deliveries in time, please note that we prioritise customers that are currently most vulnerable during this Covid-19 pandemic. You'll be sent an automated SMS message when your food is on its way to you with live tracking and an estimated time.

Our delivery driver will place your order right on your door, they will then ring or knock to notify you and then move at least 2 metres away from the door. They'll then confirm that you've received your order before leaving. If you don't respond, our staff will contact you on the number you've provided.

If you do not pick up your order the delivery driver will leave your food on the front door and confirm a POD (Proof of delivery). Please know that we are not responsible for your food being cold or lost if you do not pick it up from your front door.

Food collection

Collecting customers are given a 10 - 15 minutes time slot to pick the order up. This will allow only one customer to be in our premise at all times and given the circumstances, this also allows us to clean and facilitate for the next collection.

Do not enter the cafe without being notified by our staff.

Your food will already be on the dedicated table for you to instantly pick up. If you've already paid online please feel free to leave with your order, if you need to pay the card machine is right next to the order. Please don't be late to pick your order up as you will need to wait for the next time slot, which could take a while due to safety procedures we have in place.

Cancelled orders

If your order has been cancelled it's usually because we've run out of the respected item or have reached capacity to take any more orders. Feel free to call us for alternatives.

If you've paid online your funds will be back into your account within minutes. If you still haven't received your funds within 2 hours contact your bank.

Safety measures

All the staff at the cafe is trained on how to act during this Covid-19 pandemic.

  • All foods are induction-cooked at or above 80 degrees celsius.
  • We're wearing masks, don't be scared.
  • The food collection point is at least 3 metres away from all staff work areas.
  • Only one customer on the premise at any time.
  • Delivery drivers follow distancing procedures.

We want you to know that we very much appreciate you for getting this far, enjoy your takeout. Please stay safe and if you aren't feeling well, self isolate.