Good news, we're back and now with deliveries
Bringing evening takeouts back to Battle, starting with online ordering and deliveries. Specialising in authentic locally sourced foods that inspire, without breaking the bank.
MAY 12 2020
5pm - 9pm | Thursday - Saturday

Your favourite stir fry and curry, with rice included

Amongst the most popular dishes in the cafe is the green curry and pork belly stir-fry. So popular that we've kept it in our menu for the past 2 years and will be added to our summer menu, don't forget that jasmine rice comes included with every stir fry and curry so you don't have to spend extra unless you want more sticky or normal rice on the side.

We've restocked the ingredients to make these authentic dishes, which normally are served in the streets of Thailand and with our twist adding locally sourced ingredients to the mix, to give it a Pan & Co taste that you enjoy.

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Yes we're now doing deliveries, with tracking

We're proud to announce that we're now doing local deliveries, to find out where we can deliver simply click the order online button and navigate to the information tab. As we prioritise online orders above other methods, make sure that you place your order on our website before a slot becomes unavailable.


New website

Pan & Co Cafe is now running on a new and much-improved website that's both simple to use and extremely secure to comply with GDPR laws. We'll be adding tips and tricks, as well as food cooking tutorials to the reading list soon so you can enjoy healthy delicious Thai food at the comfort of your home.

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